Common Problems


Last updated: December 22, 2023

How to fix Sendcm simultaneous download limit issue?

Sendcm displays a "simultaneous download limit" error message for some IPs. You can fix that error by using a VPN or creating an account there.
How to tix Streamtape client blocked error?

Streamtape displays a "client blocked" message when you access the site from some of link hosting sites. You can fix that by opening the link in a new tab.
Please disable your AdBlocker before accessing Streamtape.
I can't access link hosting page, why?
This can happen for two reasons.
  1. The link hosting page server is down. You can't do anything about that other than wait until it gets back online.
  2. Your country or ISP has blocked the domain. Use VPN, VPS or public DNS - Cloudflare (, Quad9 (, DNSWatch (, OpenDNS (, and Google DNS (
Visit their official website to learn how to configure.
It says the password is wrong, what should I do?

If you get a "Could not decrypt data" or "You have entered a wrong password" message from the link hosting page even when you enter the correct key, close other link hosting page tabs and try again or leave a comment or report us it via this form.
I'm getting a puzzel when I try to access link hosting page, Why?

This usually happens when link hosting page (Filecrypt) detects any suspicious activity on your IP or if you try to access Filecrypt using a VPN, VPS, or server IP.

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How to download from Google Drive?
We provide Google Drive links only via a Google Drive manager, that may not be user friendly for some users but there is no other option. Visit our tutorial page to learn how to get the Google Drive link from Google Drive manager.
How to download from Telegram?
We provide Telegram links for only below 4GB files. Visit the tutorial page to find out download steps.
Download button is shown in gray and it is unclickable. Why?
Unclickable gray buttons are intentionally disabled buttons. They are disabled beacuse the relevant link is not ready or another technical reason. Do not report it as a dead link.
Why there are no 1080p WWEN (WEB) releases for WWE PLEs?
On the regular WWE Network, WWE has stopped offering 1080p for PLE livestreams since 2020, the best quality they make available for PLE livestreams now is ~4350kbps 720p. 
If you want 1080p WEB so badly, you must wait until Peacock rips or VOD comes out. This may take days/weeks.
And please note that VODs are post production versions of a given show and there's always the chance of WWE editing something, different camera cuts, correcting botches, removing undesired elements, etc.
Why there's no 1080p WEB release for WWE SmackDown?
Like WWE Network, FOX's livestream WEB feed has only 720p picture format. If you want 1080p WEB, you must wait until a rip from another feed comes out. This may take days.
60fps releases are always late, why?
60fps releases are usually takes longer time to encode. so be patient. There's big process behind the scene in a quality release. And please note that PPVs are usually not getting 60fps releases.
Advertisments keep coming.
We can't do anything about that at this time; ads are keeping this site alive, active and free. Always help us by disabling your ad blocker.
Slow downloading.
Try another download option. We have more than 10 download options. If the issue persists, it's probably your internet connection issue. Try using another ISP.

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